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March 7, 2007 at 2:14 AM | Posted in Bath, Chisel Marks, somerset, Weston | 6 Comments


This Bridge is insufficient to carry weight beyond the orginary traffic and owners of locomotives or other vehicles carrying great wight will be held responsible for any damage that may occur there from by order of the Bath Rural District Council.”

But…what bridge?!

Saw this yesterday while walking along the Cotswald Way Footpath and had to “take notice,” especially since the there was no bridge. The road this sign was on was a paved four lanes with sidewalks, which is a true rarity around this county. It led into a cookie-cutter suberbia filled with cul-de-sacs and little else–certainly no rivers. Is this sign just a relic from the past? Was it moved her for sentimental reasons? Why is there a crack right next to it?

One thing that piqued my interest (apart from the obvious lack of water) was that this sign was well off the four-lane road and even past the sidewalk. Would a trucker really stop on this slight hill, get out and read the painted metal plaque (or the choo-choo locomotive operator)? This is a dated sign. I saw the sign before I saw that it was dated but its out of the way location made me think it was expired or now part of a suburban householder’s lawn decoration.Where are the immediately recognizable symbols?!

I believe (don’t quote me on this) it was on the architect and urban planner cruise to Athens and the Greek Islands in the early 1930s, which was organized by LeCorbusier (I’m too lazy to look this info up right now but I’ll get back to it in another post) that formalized the symbols we see everyday (symbols for men and women on the lavatories, etc.) I just found this example in breaking down the jury for the Scooter Libby (Convicted Felon/Traitor) Trial.
Basically, what I’m trying to say is that international symbols for commonplace and cautionary items/directions are commonplace themselves–they’re everywhere but here on this plaque.

Conversely, if you see a crack find the reason. Sometimes it could be obvious such as this plaque right nearby. So I did some snooping, trespassed on a few lawns and found a bubbling creek over 50 feet away that was headed toward this wall but disapeared into a pipe (presumably that ran under this road).

Solved! The bridge disappeared when the road was widened for this suburban neighborhood. The water was mostly diverted but the rest of it went into a pipe that was covered by the new road, however, the old creek’s silt build up caused a slow process of soil settlement that eventually cracked this wall.

I dunno, anyone agree with me. Or was it a car? Tree? Colony of lime mortar-munching hamsters? (Just don’t say Godzilla, we killed him off in Walcot.)

Today I’m going in a quarry that’s really a mine! And after I post images of that we’ll get back to damaged walls! I know! You love canals, now you’ll love walls!


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  1. There are signs like this in the US, too (though they’re usually relevant to the surroundings), and I’ve always thought they’re ridiculous. What’s a truck driver going to do, get out of the cab, say “Oops! My truck is 4.1 tons and the bridge limit is 4 tons! Let me hold up traffic while I figure out how to turn my truck around!” and go find an alternate route? Ridiculous.

    I’m already wildly infatuated with walls! What an auspicious week this is looking to be!


    I like this iconless sign J! Makes you more apt…prone…likely…to read the words…if they weren’t so blurry that is…oh, does it get bigger if I click on it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Conversely? How ’bout Nikely? Or Adidasly? Sorry…it’s warm here! And we have NO snow…only sun and warmth and more SUN! It feels like SUMMER…and I’m not ready for SUMMER! Sigh~

    And I love your Choo Choo comment…

    Glad you still go snooping around…never get to know the ins & outs of Bath if ya didn’t! We’re all the more wise because of it! =) Now go fix that crack!

  3. A bridge is defined as a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle–so could be over another road. But here you did have a stream. Think how many streams have been buried in cities only to bubble up in someone’s basement decades later. Hope the mud washed out of your sneakers.

  4. les panneaux sont dรจs fois deroutant ;o) bien vue et bien trouve, bravo.

    the panels are as of time diverting; O) seen well and well finds, cheer

  5. What a great picture! Yes, saw many of them while walking the Cotswold Way many years ago and other long distance footpaths. We have them here in Canada too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Pat’s Photos and
    Guelph Daily Photo

  6. If you want to see another sign similar to this there’s one on A bridge on a lane tween Dunkerton and Carlingcott. The bridge in question was featured in the film titled The Titfield Thunderbolt. Happy searching.

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