070304.Winsley, Total Eclipse of the Port

March 4, 2007 at 3:03 AM | Posted in Bath, Ducks, people, Reflection, Riverboats, Wiltshire, Winsley | 9 Comments


Now, don’t miss the boat….

Copy of 070303.069.Wilts
…It’s coming….

070303.070.WiltsD’oh….what did I tell you!

Lame captioning, I know. Was going to include the canalboat “Moonraker,” or at least “Moonbeam” to correspond with the eclipse but apparently they weren’t interesting enough to photograph.

OK, so this was the test of what it takes to be a good camera. At 9:30 PM on the 3rd of March, I started waiting for the lunar eclipse; it came. And then when I went to take the photo of the first few seconds…nothing. Although my eye could see a difference, my camera could not. The eclipse has gone on for hours now. It’s nice and if you want to see it on other people’s blogs. I’d redirect you but I might do that poorly as well. [Bastia, Bath, Bordeaux, Mainz, Rome, Taunton, ]


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  1. I think Hot Springs, Arkansas would be lucky to be paired with Bath.

    And I thought your captioning, Don’t Miss the Boat, was clever. I enjoyed the photos here.

    And you’ve helped me understand why it’s so dark outside tonight!

  2. You screwed up the Taunton link..it goes to Bordeaux you silly goose!

    Nice try!


  3. i love these. your photos make me want to come home for a stroll in the country. our countryside here (the bush) is pretty harsh. if it’s not blazing hot, you’re always on alert for deadly creatures!

  4. I went outside to briefly look at the eclipse. I don’t have the patience to keep staring at it for hours to notice the difference. And with your photographs, I didn’t need to! Terrific.

  5. Hi

    This is a great little story – lame (duck) captions and all, I suspect that duck has his own little flotilla of boats there in the back ground and is just standing on the jetty eyeing off the passing opposition!!

    I have taken the liberty of putting your Pics in my Soup du Jour today.

    I find you photos and info about buildngs etc. around Bath very interesting and look forward to reading them whenever I am on line.

  6. i use those lame caption all the time :p ..hahaha. Your post always made me laugh in the end 🙂

  7. Oh, that poor duck is still waiting.

    And I came back to say that you made me laugh with your comments about my church photo today.

  8. Cool shots btw…I want that house in the last shot…such a big backyard!!!

    Did you get any sun today? I know it’s dark NOW…been back to Starbucks yet? If you go you HAVE to sit at our table!

    Better yet, make them inscribe “J and A and B Sat HERE!!”

  9. I really enjoyed the photographs on your blog…I lived in Bath for a year while I was working there….Your photogaphs have made me nostalgic…they are just amazing…keep up the good work..

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