070212.Cardiff, “Pa, I Lost my Balloon”

February 12, 2007 at 1:59 AM | Posted in Architecture, Cathedrals and churches, Hot air balloons, Overcast, people, stairs, Waterfront | 3 Comments

Copy of 070210.257.SGlam.Cardiff.Senate
OK, lame title. There’s O2 written on the lost balloon, which suggests that H2 might be written on the heart-shaped balloons(?) Please, DPers, help me: compete to caption this properly! This is just like a New Yorker contest, and the winning entry will be published…as will all other entries if left on the message board. (I will not delete.)

This was taken from the porch of the Welsh Senate looking south out into Cardiff Bay. The church is the far distance is St. Augustine’s. Not pictured, but a few hundred feet to the left is the Norwegian Church, where Roald Dahl was christened. There is Rohl Dahl Plas somewhere nearby, perhaps this was it. OK, get to work: I have faith in you.

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