070210.Bathwick, St. Mary the Virigin-Pevsner Architectural Church Chat

February 10, 2007 at 2:19 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bathwick, Gardens & Parks, Pevsner, somerset, Tabernacles, Towers | 4 Comments

Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks to all the good people who wished me more snow: I got it, and I owe it you. It snowed again yesterday (while I had the day-long class) and it’s still on the ground today–though melting. I hear it will rain this weekend but today I’m heading up to St. Fagan’s Welsh National Museum in Cardiff, so maybe I’ll have some good shots there. See you then.
060923.22.Somset.Bath.BathwickHill Rd.VaneSt.StMary the Virgin
The daylight photo was taken back in September (taken in my first weeks here) so I varied up the snow slots. The nightime shot was taken recently. “St. Mary [the Virgin], Raby Place, Bathwick. 1814-20 by [John] Pinch [the Elder]. The chancel by G.E. Street, 1873-5. Meant to be in the Somerset Gothic style, though of course the result is typical of early C19. W tower with pierced parapet and polygonal pinnacles. Nave, aisles, clerestory, high and a little pinched. Perp tracery in the tall aisle windows and the lower clerestory windows with thin four-centered heads. Very tall thin piers of standard Somerset section (four hollows). Three galleries. No arcade arches, but a flat timber lintel funning through. This was originally plastered. Ribbed coved ceiling. The chancel not of particular interest. – PAINTING. On the altar early C16 polyptych, four winds, Netherlandish. – The original altar painting, an Adoration of the Child by Benjamin Barker, hangs high up against the W wall. – PLATE. Chalice and Cover 1572; Paten by Fawdery 1723; Chalice and Paten 1837.” –Nikolaus Pevsner, The Buildings of England: North Somerset and Bristol, (Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books, 1958), 106-107.


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  1. I just read your snow post and understood your disappointment. I feel almost guilty, when I am looking at pure, white snow everywhere,
    BUT then I feel -30 degrees C around me and I am thinking, fortunately James has no need to be here 😉
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. Enjoy the snow, sleet and rain because more is on the way. Wallow in the bleak midwinter, I say.

    Scrounge the thrift shops for that waxed Barbour jacket!

    Great photos, James. Ditto commentary.

    The Alice’s and Fox’s of the world should not be obliterated.

  3. Hah, I’m glad you got your snow!

    Are you SURE this was taken in England? It looks suspiciously similar to a certain Poughkeepsie library.

  4. muse recorded megalomania there………. makes it awsome lol but the song was like against god so thts a lol too 🙂

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