070209.Claverton Down, Smallcombe House

February 9, 2007 at 12:53 AM | Posted in Architecture, Claverton Down, roofs, somerset | 7 Comments

070208.7.Somset.Bath.ClavertonDown.Bathwick Hill Rd.Smallcombe House
It was supposed to snow accross the board here, all over England. And so, just like a kid, I woke up early to see the snow. It was there but so was the on again/ off again cold rain. There was more rain as I walked down the hill, but the snow melted before the end of my trip down. Nothing was covered nor visible in the city, not even on any of the open hills themselves once I was at the base. It was just cold and raining. Getting sick of this….


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  1. Bummer! I live in South Carolina where we don’t get much snow. Several weeks ago we were supposed to get a decent snowing but seems like our fate was the same as yours. Maybe next time.

  2. i was just about to leave the comment ‘bums’ and nothing else, when i saw someone else already had…strange…you must be meant to learn a lesson from bottoms today…? do let us know please

  3. tu es un acrobate, monter sur le toit de sa maison quand il neige, c’est dangereux ;o) . je te souhaite un bon week end

    you is an acrobat, to go up on the roof of his house when it snows, they are dangerous ;o) . I wish you a good week end

  4. ohh….this looks cool……..:) wow

  5. When we had our first real snow here, I looked outside as I was going to bed (around 2AM). The sky was really bright, like a dim daylight, from all the reflection between the snow and the cloudy sky. For nearly 5 minutes, I contemplated going outside in my pajamas and a coat to take pictures… before deciding a toasty bed was more important to me.

    I did get up before 9AM, though, to compensate for my late-night laziness.

    My point: I understand. And I am sorry for your lack of snow. Really.

  6. I understand too. I waited a while for it this year. But we have it now. I’m sorry.

    Glad you didn’t slip; looks treacherous.

  7. Nice pictures. I think these are wonderful photographs. Everyone is talking about snow. We have about 5 inches of it here in Ohio where I live and more is on the way. I am trying to figure out if this is one way to share photo experiences with others. My place is not a blog but a website. http://www.oldmanlincoln.com/ then click on photographs. I may not be close to being good enough but I have been taking pictures since 1953 and the only difference is I now use a Canon digital camera. Thanks for reading this and sharing beautiful photographs.

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