070204.Bath, Oink to Sundays

February 4, 2007 at 7:18 PM | Posted in Bath, Pigs, somerset | 5 Comments

070114.10.Somset.Bath.HorseSt.Market'sPassageway.Hog Roast
This husband and wife team are out every Sunday serving roast pork sandwiches. The juicy pork comes on a hamburger roll with stuffing, onions, and applesauce. And you can help yourself to a piece of crackling. It’s so good that I’ve put off trips away from Bath because I didn’t want to miss this Sunday treat. On average, I buy a sandwich once every two weeks. They’re really really good. People line up, tourists and families alike, and they all go away happy with their sandwich wrapped in a kitchen paper towel . The sign says he also caters to parties.

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