070201.Bath, CHEAPSKATES!

February 1, 2007 at 12:01 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bathwick, Chisel Marks, Gardens & Parks, Overcast, Peephole Views, people, river, River Avon, somerset, stairs | 9 Comments

061125.03.Somset.Bath.GrandParade.Watching the Sat Game.accross Avon

The nerve of people watching football (soccer) for free from across the River Avon when they could just as easily cross nearby Pulteney Bridge and walk into the stadium for free! This is an unusually packed shot of the recreational grounds in Bathwick, which clearly demonstrates Bath propper’s higher ground. The recreational grounds were originally to be incorporated into housing as part of Bathwick New Town. However, the start of the Napoleonic Wars and an embargo led to local banks going bust in 1793, which put an end to all development in the city. The recreational grounds would have been built up like bordering Great Pulteney Street (one of the only areas of the development constructed), since it is on a flood-plane.


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  1. If they watch the game from the balcony, they can leave whenever they get bored. Plus they don’t have to deal with the crowds. I hate crowds. I’d gladly watch the game from a quarter-mile away than contend with pushing shoving crowds.

  2. Yeah but JC…think of all the FUUUUUUN you’d miss…like huddling together all snuggly in your stadium blanket…with a warm mug of spiked hot chocolate to share…and all the footsie & grabsie you could ever WANT! And heck, just linger there, hidden away until the crowd LEAVES…then you can make some goals of your very OWN! Hmmmmmmmmm? Now doesn’t that sound waaaaaaaaaay less stressful? Uh-huh…thought SO! 😉

  3. Yeah, JC. Then you’d have to be next to these three people, ew….

  4. Shame on you J–TSK-TSK! JC…watch out for this one…he’s sneaky…and trying to fudge the numbers! We all know there’s room for ONLY two in a stadium blanket! Off with you J! Back to PhD-land! Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200 either!

  5. Well, I guess you’re right, Ame, but the two on the right are a little old for my tastes, which means I’d need to participate in “footsie and grabsie” with the girl on the left, which doesn’t honestly thrill me that much.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you two crack me UP! Sigh~~~~~to be young and carefree again…if I could do it all over again I’d be up there on those bleachers with my stadium blanket buddy or buddies…life’s too short…I didn’t…and I wish I DID! Did that make any sense? Maybe I’ll have an epiphany in London! 😉

  7. voila une tres belle tribune, mais il faut avoir de tres bons yeux ou des jumelles ;o)

    veiled a very beautiful platform, but it is necessary to have very good eyes or binoculars ;O)

  8. I studied in Bath for a semester with a group of fifty americans, and we could watch the rugby matches from our top flat on North Parade for free, and though we weren’t with the crowd, it was rather hard not to avoid watching, especially at night, with the pitch having such bright lights…

  9. They obviously just don’t want to commit!

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