070131.Bradford-on-Avon, Vigilance is a Fifteenth-Century Granary’s Best Friend

January 31, 2007 at 12:29 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bradford-on-Avon, Dogs, Gardens & Parks, hippies, Sculpture, Wiltshire | 6 Comments

…or “Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To?”


Two days ago I found an old report with life-shattering facts about my assignment due on Friday. “Wowee,” I said. “This is great. Now, I just have to get it down on paper.” And down it went!
Unfortunately, “down” doesn’t mean with me. I was so eager to follow up a footnote that I had found in one county with its corresponding source in another county that I left the paper with the sketches and some facts in that first library. Yeah, this is stuff that I should keep to myself.
In any event, I came back to Wiltshire early yesterday morning, and left just as soon. It was still where I left it. I love small towns, unless I’m stuck in them. I stopped only briefly to get some photos of newly discovered areas of importance…and Rallo, here. No idea what Rallo’s real name is or what type of dog Rallo is, or even his/her gender, but I will tell you that that granary Rallo is guarding is from the 15th C. Yeah. I don’t know if it’s a sheepdog but it should be called a conservationist dog. I’d hate to be an arsonist near Rallo.

Good dog.

(Ironically, the Barton Grange Farm Granary is now a hippie-enclave selling New Age mirrors and emotion rings with candles and incense lit everywhere. Pray for the Grade 1 Listed Granary.)


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  1. Your stories are good when you write them down and proofread ’em. Do more of this and expand your talent when you have time. Oh wait, that there is a flying-pig hypothetical.

    Rallo has junkyard dogs for friends. He ought to associate with better influences on his life.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaah…upping the “cute” factor of your posts J! Cute little PUPPY…like it like it…OH! And look at the hand-painted flower decoration on that can…SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET! And JosyC’s right…you’re takin’ your talents up a notch! GOOD BOY! 😉 Awesome stonewall there in the background…Jackson!

  3. photo culte. tres bon. je prefere le chien statue, il ne faut pas le sortir ;o)

    photo worship. very good. I prefer the dog rules, it should not be left ;O)

  4. i would have to have squeezed that dog!

  5. Love the puppy. Am a sucker for anything canine. Thanks for the beautiful shots of Bath.

  6. this is my favourite of your dogs!

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