070127.ClavertonDown, Bustopsnow

January 27, 2007 at 1:16 AM | Posted in Bath, Claverton Down, somerset | 3 Comments

The bus stop outside my door. Should I stay or should I go now? 070124.19.Somset.Bath.ClavertonDown.EarlyMorningSnow


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  1. RIGHT outside your door J? OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So you took this shot from the doorway? YIKES! That’s too creepy! So kinda like that Robert Redford movie, regarding your door, “A Street Runs Through It?” WOW!
    How’s the piled higher and deeper coming along…and that extension…we NEED to know about that exTENsion J! Right JC? 😉

  2. Ach, I’m a day late.

    The bus stops near me have no sidewalks leading up to them- the only way you can get to them is by risking your neck by trying to walk on the shoulders (or curbings, if the road lacks a shoulder) of fairly major roads. I’ve tried to take bus stop photos as I whiz by them from the comfort of my minivan.

    I like this. Partially because it looks like the sort of picture I’d take, and it makes me feel better about my photography. 🙂

  3. nice shot ja

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