070126.ClavertonDown, Early Morning Snow

January 26, 2007 at 12:05 AM | Posted in Bath, Claverton Down, somerset | 5 Comments

So it was the first and possibly only snowfall of the year here in Bath two days ago. You never really learn to love a place until you see it during a snowfall. Hearing this, my Brazilian neighbor told me not to visit his country. It started coming down fast in the early morning but was completely gone once the sun rose.

Won’t be checking here frequently for a few more days.


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  1. That BARELY qualifies as snow. This isn’t the sort of scene that would make or break your opinion of a place. But I like your lights. Bath looks a lot like ‘Jersey in this photo.

  2. Hey! I like that candle-aaaah-bra down at the end of the street…kewl! Waddya think JC, shall we go visit this snowed-in place?

  3. But we can’t visit it, Ame! It’s snowed in! LOOK at all that snow! You can almost pretend not to see the pavement!

  4. impressionnant ta photo, et dire que j’attends toujours la neige à Evry.
    Bon Weeck End

    impressing your photograph, and statement until I always wait snow with Evry. Good Weeck End

  5. I KNOOOOOOOOOOOW JC! We better take our snow-blower! We’d NEVER get thru if we DIDN’T! Think James likes to make snow angels…on his back of course? 😉 Think this’ll get a rise outta him? LOL! =)))

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