070122.Widcombe, The Tragic Treasury-12

January 22, 2007 at 12:12 AM | Posted in Bath | 9 Comments

CONEHEAD! This is a carving on the Church Room Institute in Widcombe, Bath.


Things are not what they appear
Starting with a mother’s love
When a helping hand comes near
It becomes an empty glove
Things are not what they appear
Starting with your hopes and dreams
Just one thing in life is clear:
Nothing’s ever what it seems


Even babies lie
And the stars don’t cry.


Nothing’s ever what it seems
People lie from ear to ear
Just to help their little teams
Which are not what they appear
We are wrong to being with,
Even if we are sincere
Truth is just a useful myth
Things are not what they appear


Even babies steal
And the stars don’t squeal…


Even babies kill
And the stars are still.


–“Things Are Not What They Appear” by the Gothic Archies.
Hey everybody, I won’t be checking this very often for a week or two but will get back to everyone after that.


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  1. HEY! The SNL Conehead is alive and well in Bath…gonna have to go see this! 😉 Beldar, watch OUT! Ame’s COMING! LOL!

  2. …How old is this?

  3. My mother use to say that I have a head of stone!
    It’s nice to know that in Bath is a real stone head! A conehead of stone! 🙂

    Hard one!

  4. la preuve que les extra terrestres ont bien atteris à Roswell ;o) cela fait penser à la serie “The Coneheads”. vraiment tres surprenante cette statue

    the proof that the extra terrestrial ones indeed were in Roswell; O) that made think of the series “The Coneheads”. really very surprising this statue

  5. Freaky conehead. Do you think the eyes are open or closed?

  6. Thanks for all the comments.
    Ame: Its very near the train station, right accross the river.

    JC: I think it must be mid to late 1990s given the look of the rest of the building, but I’ll try and find out.

    Carlos: Hopefully you’re mother never called you a conehead. I assume that would be meaner(?)

    Thanks Olivier.

    And Ruth, I have no idea. The button eyes just make this very very creepy, which is good because otherwise it’d be very funny. (It’s one of four statues, the flowerpot head as one of them as well).

  7. I thought the coneheads were from France?? 🙂

  8. Thanks J! I’ll be sure to look for it! And how’s the cramming coming along…HEY! Don’t ANSWER that…you’re NOT supposed to BE here! 😉

  9. jenna jameson getting fucked

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