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January 19, 2007 at 12:52 AM | Posted in Actors in Period Costumes, Architecture, Bath, Bath Abbey, Cathedrals and churches, Columns, Corinthian Order, Cows, people, Sculpture, somerset | 5 Comments

You wouldn’t believe how windy it was yesterday. The whole building’s been shaking, not sure if it’s connected with this storm system. I don’t watch the news or read local papers. (Photo taken earlier.) A construction barricade/fence blew down three days ago (?). It had been attached to some stone facing on the first level of the campus bar – pulled it off (or at least it was on the ground with the attached fence…). It’s crazy living up on a hill in this….and loud! European DPs posting about the weather include: ** Arradon ** Brighton ** Budapest ** Hamburg ** Hyde ** Nottingham ** Rotterdam ** Vantaa ** Villigen


People gawk at the way you walk,
you’re a freakshow!
People squawk ‘bout the way you talk,
you’re a freakshow!
People stare at your scary hair,
you’re a freakshow!
People glare at that hat you wear
you’re a freakshow!


Real people want to know
what it is about your face that irritates them so.
Real people stop and ask
why you wear that costume, and why don’t you wear a mask?


Normal folk think you’re just a joke
and a freakshow!
Normal types cross the street for swipes
at the freakshow!
Even birds stop to drop their turds
on the freakshow
Even geeks, even other freaks
hate the freakshow


Real people fume and seethe
how you dare to share the air the public has to breathe.
Real people ask you why,
with a face like you’ve got, won’t you just lie down and….


Real people look on you
like something unpleasant for the garbage crew to do.
Real people question how
someone took a lobster’s face and put it on a cow.
Real people say har, har,
as a monster movie actor you could be a star
And soon…you are!

–“Freakshow” by the Gothic Archies.

Hey, I won’t be checking this very often for a week or two but will get back to everyone after that.


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  1. Sheesh, good luck surviving those gales. Don’t you go and die on us, now. That’s not allowed.

  2. I was quite alarmed at the weather report for you folks. Wow! I’m glad to see your post to know you’re “alive and well.”

    Thanks for your super sweet comment today at ELDP. It really touched me. I’ve had a blast with your blog too, and I’ll definitely come back regularly. Thanks for your kind wishes.

  3. J! You left out Lynn’s Cheltenham DP! SHAME SHAME! Get it RIGHT BOY! People are gonna feel cheated! LOL! 😉

  4. Thanks for this picture! It’s an occasion to see again the cathedral for me. I was here in 1996 and enjoyed the scale, with the angels climbing up or going down, very much!

  5. turning stone

    Title of turning stone

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