070113.Wells, The Tragic Treasury-3

January 13, 2007 at 12:48 AM | Posted in Architecture, Castles, cemeteries - churchyards - and tombstones, Ruins, Sculpture, somerset, Supernatural, Wells | 16 Comments

Taken a long, long time ago. This is a Phillip Jackson statue group at Wells Bishop’s Palace Hall ruins.

The world is a very scary place, my dear.
It’s hurled and its twirled through outer space, I fear.
So many ways to lose your skin in it,
the number of ways to die is infinite.


The world is a very scary thing, I find.
It’s curled all my toes and it’s curling my mind.
When I was young my study was candies
but they attract tarantulas and bees.


Some people act as if there were nothing wrong,
due to the fact they haven’t heard this song.

The world is a very scary place to go
It’s whorled and it’s swirled with death like lace, you know
You may have found my views unorthodox
but now the wolf is at the door; it knocks.

–“The World is a Very Scary Place”by the Gothic Archies.

Hey, I won’t be checking this very often for a week or two but will get back to everyone after that.


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  1. WOW! So many rich textures & colors! Awesome shot James! Makes me think of Harry Potter, LOL! 😉

    HEY! February 17th! London! Partay! Be there or be square!

  2. Simultaneous postings! LOL! So do you still do scarves? Old habits die a sloooooooooow death! And did you earn your sewing, vacuuming AND cooking badges? Those can come in VERY handy in college life! LOL! You still need to conVINCE me! 😉

  3. Holy brother of something. It’s a trio of creepy eyeless hooded black-robed pickaxes.

    If this Jackson fellow did any paintings, I’d be a little scared to see them. Full-size, anyway.

  4. I see the Venetian mask influence. I see the highwayman influence, but on first glance, all I could think of was “Edward Gorey.”

  5. I’m not sure what I see…but the photo is very nicely done.

  6. spooky sculpture (?) , but the gothic window is a beauty and I enjoyed the accompanying words,too

  7. great photograph.


  8. belle ruine, mais alors surprenante ces statues. Elles sont superbes. c’est une exposition temporaire ou elles sont toujours là ?

    beautiful ruin, but then surprising these statues. They are superb. it is a temporary exposure or they are always there?

  9. CreepY! If I dream about these guys tonight, I’m coming for you.

  10. It didn’t seem to creepy until I read the poem…ewwww!

  11. Quite contrary to the post of ChateaurouxDP today!
    I would like to know, what you could tell about it. Perhaps you tell after few weeks?
    Nice time to you!

  12. very fitting. they look great….and what are you upto that is keeping you away from us? well, from me more importantly…..

  13. It was Chateauroux DP “honneur aux arts” post 1.12.2007, what I was thinking, when I asked your opinion, James.
    Thank you for your comment on my site.

  14. Scary Hammerheads. Beautiful colors.

  15. that’s just brilliant.

  16. Love these guys! Is that facial hair they’ve let grow down to there or their cloaks worn up around their noses to keep out drafts?

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