070106.Widcombe, Bath Abbey Cemetery Soil Settlement

January 6, 2007 at 1:20 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bath Abbey, cemeteries - churchyards - and tombstones, Chisel Marks, Gardens & Parks, Overcast, Ruins, somerset, Widcombe | 6 Comments

This ancient grave marker for a Ms. [undescipherable] Ellen King is in near
ruins. You would be too if you were made back in the year of our Lord,
1955. So it goes.


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  1. And this shot’s just plain ol’ CREEPY! EEEEK! 😉

  2. superbe photo, on pourrait se croire dans une ruine d’un vieux chateau.

    superb photograph, one could be believed in a ruin of an old castle.

  3. dya think the old pro could be anne widdicombe? i do…..

  4. I like this photo…there is so much to look at…at first you think you know exactly what it is all about, and then you look again. Very well done.

  5. Aw c’mon, not so old! I was born the next year. 😐

    This is a nice photo. I love cemeteries, and photos of them. But why is this one in such disrepair? The leaning crosses are most interesting.

  6. You make 1955 sound so ancient…. Shivers!!!!!

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