070102.Bathwick, Q: What To Focus on this New Year? A: Pigeons.

January 2, 2007 at 1:37 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bridges, Chisel Marks, people, Pigeon, Pulteney Bridge, Reflection, river, River Avon, somerset, Vaults | 4 Comments


And like a miracle the sun came out today after weeks of rain and gloom. Early in the morning I was taking a few shots and found myself competing for spaces with this guy. I was first on several shots but he beat me to the bridge, and thus made it in my long shot of the bridge.

P.S. Of course, I had to copy his close up pigeons on the bridge shot, and after taking it and downloading it, it’s really not worth posting. But who knows what dull weeks lie ahead.

I’ve featured Pulteney Bridge on this site several times before. It was designed by the famous Robert Adam to connect Bath and Bathwick, before the latter was even built. (Bathwick and the bridge were financed by the Pulteney family.) It was constructed between 1769 adn 1774, and it was also one of the first photos I took when I arrived her 102 days ago (such a long time!).


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  1. I just love this shot! A great picture of what I can only imagine as a great picture being taken. Happy New Year from Houston Daily Photo!

  2. You have many beautiful things to photograph. This is great. The sun is out here today too.

  3. tres belle photo et tres beau coup d’oeil, meme si je deteste les pigeons ;o)

    very beautiful photograph and very beautiful glance, same if I hate the pigeons; O)

  4. I’m with Ruth on this. Everything in Monmouth County (most of it, anyway) was constructed within the past hundred years and it’s all pretty atrocious to look at.

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