061223.Westonbirt, A Tree with Trimmings

December 23, 2006 at 6:07 AM | Posted in Christmas, countryside, Gardens & Parks, Olive Trees, Trees, Westonbirt | 7 Comments


Holiday Fact: When kept alive and away from your house, Christmas trees are both environmentally friendly and pose less of a fire hazard to your house and loved ones. Ho, ho, ho!


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  1. Refreshing to see this “natural” tree during this season as we’ve all outdone ourselves with holiday photos. Nice! Summer eventually will arrive!

  2. It’s an elegant tall tree, refreshingly simple.

  3. It looks wet, but certainly a lot warmer than I expected.

    James, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by good mates and eat a lot of English Christmas treats!

  4. i thought you were away? or is this not you? oh! i just dont know who anybody is anymore!! but have a smashing christmas whoever and wherever thou are! ;0)

  5. Hi James–

    Lovely tree. As only the UK can bring us. My tree is lashed to my deck. Does that mean the house is safe and secure from fire and other hazards? Say yes.

    Hope you found Barbara and Joe in the fog.

    All the best,


  6. bon natale à tutti è pace è salute…
    joyeux noël,
    happy christmas,
    feliz Navidad,
    feliz Natal,
    χαρούμενος noel,
    fröhliches Weihnachten,
    Natale allegro…

  7. (Fabulous Christmas to you too)

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