061213.Bath, Ever Consider Living on a Boat?

December 13, 2006 at 10:42 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bridges, river, River Avon, Riverboats, somerset | 12 Comments

This is the River Avon and the North Parade Bridge.


This made me think of a description of “Fred” that I had heard on the radio. “Fred’s the kind of guy who when the subject comes up of future plans will tell you that he’s thinking pretty seriously of moving onto a boat.”

FYI: Fred Schultz says about himself: “My whole life I’ve had a thing about mermaids, and dolphins, but mermaids.”

(Will post daily photos again on Monday. There will be no internet service on Saturday and Sunday, sorry.)

Follow up: I can’t imagine there would be structural papers due on a boat.


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  1. another pic that makes me homesick. do you want me to throw up on you or something?

  2. look out then…bluuuuurgh! watch out for the bits of potato and an old headscarf picked up along the way from bosnia herzegovina

  3. Am not Fred but share his dream. Have always wanted to live on boat. Gowanus Canal, Avon, any river. But boat has to be special.

    Cheery thought.


  4. yeah yeah…..wha’eva…i know your sort…the dead of night….manatee websites…….

  5. Well, this is certainly a life aquatically-themed comment session.

  6. you should be tucked up asleep!

  7. My structural paper is just on my boat. Night night, I’m going to my “boat”. And tomorrow will be a lovely day- even I think I need to find some books.

  8. Could be a postcard…think I’ll get a bath now! =)

  9. Beautiful place! This couldn’t have been taken recently could it? Everything is so green.

  10. The textures and colors are great in this photo. I could definitely live on a houseboat on a river.

  11. Your photograph seems straight out of a fairy tale. Absolutely beautiful!

  12. No. But I know a blogger who did!

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