061208.Bath, Shopin’ Late

December 8, 2006 at 1:43 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Christmas, Conservation, doorways, Food, Light and Shadow, people, somerset | 6 Comments

061113.17.Somset.Bath.Guildhall Markets
061113.16.Somset.Bath.Guildhall Markets061202.17.Somset.Bath.Abbey.Christmas Fair

The Christmas Market is packed at night. One can barely get through the throngs of zombie-shoppers. This is no Romero allegory…since this is outdoors and the people are bundled up like mummies in the cold. There’s no reason to write a description here, and less of one to connect it to Ancient Ecyptian mummies but I just wanted to include a few lines I read that would probably be difficult to relate to Bath under any situation. “Modern advances, however, have strained this delicate balance. Many of the slow-moving creatures are crushed each year on the superhighways that surround Cairo….
“Most conservation groups, however, stress that Egyptians should focus on preserving the mummies that still remain, though recent efforts to increase their numbers by breeding them in captivity have failed, since mummies are dead and therefore cannot reproduce.”


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  1. I like that purple light in the lower left photo.

  2. couldnt they start mummifying again now? just the odd special person….like me?

  3. Seems like someone could harvest their DNA and breed them that way. Geez, haven’t these people read “Jurassic Park”??? 🙂

  4. yeah i bet they already do. heaven only knows what things are crawling around in some old laboratory. i am sure i would try and grow a dinosaur if i new how. just a little one mind

  5. That sounds like serious shopping if you go out when it’s dark and cold…. Fun to come home to a wee dram, though. Earl Gray, I mean.

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