061205.Bath, Prayin’ Late

December 5, 2006 at 4:02 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bath Abbey, Blogroll, Cathedrals and churches, Chisel Marks, Christmas, Cloisters, Conservation, Light and Shadow, somerset, Stained Glass, Tabernacles, Towers | 9 Comments


Title ammedment: OK, this is England and no one prays anymore. These are the Bath Abbey Cloister windows. But what used to be the Cloisters of Bath Abbey is now the Abbey’s Gift Shop and offices, so this post should really be titled “Workin’ Late 2” – but where’s the fun in that?

In any event, there is a second connection between today’s and yesterday’s posts since yesterday was the site’s 75th, and today is another birthday. This time congratulations and birthday greetings go out to a loyal (much-younger-than-75) BDP viewer. One of her favorite posts was a similarly themed closeup of a church window. I took it on my fifth day in the city and since it was posted early on when I had some issues in terms of sizing, I’ve reloaded the photo to make it look decent.
Another post she liked was the Pilgrim Cow in Glastonbury, which will similarly be upgraded (shortly).


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  1. Ah. Lights of commerce replace lights of prayer. Something sad about that. I almost feel I could hear choir or organ practice oozing out those windows.

  2. What a lovely, moody photo. Shame that there is no prayer there, as it looks as if it could inspire the prayers of anyone!

  3. If you do not say whose birthday it is, I shall have to punch ALL your BDP viewers. Nice light.

  4. that’d be a lot in airfare

  5. The light coming though the window is just gorgeous.

    We visited the Cathedral (?) in Durham on a Sunday afternoon, I think, and everything was closed except the gift shop. We couldn’t go up the tower, couldn’t get tea, but checked out the gifts; sad.

  6. another cool shot. had a particularly deep sleep last night and i still feel dulled by it hence the feeble comment :0/

  7. Great use of lighting!

  8. Great use of the light and shadows here, very ‘moody’.

  9. wow, the photo is absolutely gorgeous!
    praying, i have to learn

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