061204.Bath, Workin’ Late (BDP:75 Days Young!)

December 4, 2006 at 4:34 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Chisel Marks, Light and Shadow, somerset, towns | 11 Comments


This is my 75th Post. I have lived in the UK for 75 nights now. I’m tired. Class lectures are like Studio 54 everyday, partying hard with building surveyors, Classical architecture theorists, structural engineers, interior design historians, fabric conservationistas, soil experts, timber specialists, earth structure preservationists, dry rot-Serpula lacrymans-fungal growth pruners, death rot beetle catchers, bellringers, Roman concrete mixers, lime mortar propagandists, anti-restoration zealots, world heritage do-gooders, and the clergy in general. A warning to all of ya’s out there: do not party with this kind of crowd. They’ll dance you, drink you, snort you, lecture you under the table. Actually, it’s mostly talking – or really sermonizing, and there’s not much of partying but the warning still stands. In a worst case scenario should you happen to run into one of these distinguishedly dangerous folk, be still, look for a silent way out, know that they like large quantities of food, alcohol, and gilded objects, and for Chr-st’s sake, don’t ask questions.

I’m going to be very busy for the next few weeks so the posts are going to drop in quality. This window was directly opposite the Hot Baths (photo shown earlier and also the cover of the myDoorways page.) The people in this office kept staring at me for hours on end while I was measuring, and so it was a relief when they finally drew down their Venetian blinds.

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