061201.Bath, THEME DAY: “Taking a Photo of a Person from the Waist Down”

December 1, 2006 at 12:37 AM | Posted in Actors in Period Costumes, Bath, Jane Austen, New York, Peephole Views, people, Peter Schickele, somerset | 15 Comments

061002.087.Somset.Bath.PumpRooms.Filming Jane Austen’s Persuasion

Above, Jane Austen’s Persuasion actors filing into Pump Room for scene. Below, classmates and mayor at a mayor’s reception in the Pump Room.

061128.92.Somset.Bath.PumpRm.Photo by MIUM.jpg

Didn’t realize how often I omit the full person in photos, tracking down “waist down” shots was a challenge in itself.

I’m posting some photos of friends but I don’t feel I’m violating their privacy because the bottom half on an individual is too abstract to extrapolate any identification.

I remember hearing Peter Schickele (P. D. Q. Bach) tell a story about his college years on the radio. One of his friends was taking a shower in the communal (all-male) dorm’s bathroom at the far end of the hall from his room. This friend realized after finishing his shower that he had forgot to bring a towel and only had a small washcloth.

Apparently, this wasn’t all that unusual for this person, except that it was parent’s visiting weekend, and there were moms and pops innocently roaming the halls!

The friend took the washcloth, placed it over his face, and proceeded to walk back to his room down the adult-filled hall, which quickly cleared for him.

He figured, if put in the situation, it was decent to let your privates be public so long as you kept your publics’ private.

Truly, a lesson to live by.

ethan on subwayGetting arrested in subway

Finally, last year two friends participated in NYC-based Improv Everywhere’s “No Pants Day.” The full photos were funnier but he and everyone else rode the subways, etc. together, which confused the heck out of genuine New Yorkers until the police arrived to write up the indecently exposed pseudo-commuters. (See the black pants of the cop in the extreme right of the second photo.)

What can I say, this is an odd theme, but I play along. So did these folks:

1 (Porto) 2 (Greenville) 3 (Evry) 4 (Queens) 5 (Seattle, WA, USA) 6 (Stayton, OR, USA) 7 (Albuquerque, NM, USA) 8 (Joplin, MO, USA) 9 (Raymond, Singapore) 10 (Guadalajara, Mexico) 11 (Santiago, Chile) 12 (London, UK) 13 (Jakarta, Indonesia) 14 (Bandung, Indonesia) 15 (Melbourne-John, Aust) 16 (Phoenix, AZ, US) 17 (Twin Cities, MN, USA) 18 (Newcastle-upon tyne, England) 19 (St. Paul-Carol, MN, USA) 20 (Szentes, Hungary) 21 (Tuzla, BiH) 22 (St. Paul-Kate, MN, USA) 23 (Dubai, U.A.E.) 24 (Nelson, New Zealand) 25 (Sharon, CT, USA) 26 (Tenerife, Spain) 27 (Auckland, New Zealand) 28 (Budapest, Hungary) 29 (Sydney-Sally, Australia) 30 (Sequim, WA, USA) 31 (East Lansing, MI, USA) 32 (Vantaa; Finland) 33 (Zannnie, Singapore) 34 (Paris, France) 35 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 36 (Shanghai, China) 37 (Sydney-Nathalie, Aust) 38 (Hyde, UK) 39 (Akita City, Japan) 40 (Tokyo, Japan) 41 (Rotterdam, Netherlands) 42 (Manila, Philippines) 43 (Not Strictly Seattle, USA) 44 (Stavanger, Norway) 45 (Hong Kong, China) 46 (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA) 47 (Barcelona-Irrendento, Spain) 48 (Trujillo-Irrendento, Peru) 49 (Naples, Florida, USA) 50 (Delta, CO, USA) 51 (Bath, UK) – 52 (Alexandria, VA, USA)


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  1. The “No Pants Day” photos are funny. Knee caps especially … Your story about the hand towel is commonly told. It must have been in a book or a movie at some point.

  2. Quick-thinking on the part of the towel-less chap! I love the New York photos.

  3. Very nice!

  4. Just fine theme day post !
    But again I put something else here:

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  5. Interesting photos!

  6. bloody fantastic shots I must say. bloody fantastic!

  7. Oh, wish i had been there…Persuasion is my favourite Jane Austen (well, next to Sense and Sensibility)

  8. This theme has certainly produced some very different shots!

  9. First one is the best! IMHO. 😉

  10. Funny photos!!I foget the pressure of assignments temporary.

  11. Loved the dorm story and the photo in the subway! Such a simple but elegant solution.

  12. by far the most interesant (that’s french). how can the po-lice justify rounding people up just because they are wearing undercrackers? people wear hardly ought here!

  13. I wonder if I’d have the moxie to cover my face while walking down the hallway naked? I’ll think about that character!

    Nice photos for this day.

  14. Love the no-pants photo. There is somethiing about men’s knees that just gets to me! The cop in his black long trousers makes it.
    Nice blog! I got here via Pod.

  15. […] Yesterday in New York was “No Pants Day” on the #6 Train (Bronx-Manhattan Eastside, etc Local) . It starts with on…. Scroll to the third photogroup to see parts of some […]

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