061127.Bath, Flowers Removed from Parade Gardens

November 27, 2006 at 5:33 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Cathedrals and churches, cumulus clouds, Light and Shadow, people, River Avon, Sculpture, somerset, Towers | 7 Comments

This garden used to be overflowing with flowers but they began to wilt and die and have been removed in preparation for the winter. The bowl feels like it’s posing a philosophical question.


To my loyal readers, you are all correct. I should have stated that this shot is slightly dated…taken a few weeks ago. I normally don’t do that for Bath shots but I had meant to show the pot with flowers and then without, but missed both occasions. The main difference is a few more yellow and orange trees. I will try and be more date-sensitive in the future…but I had so many good flower shots that are outdated now….


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  1. something unique about this shot.. maybe cos i haven’t seen a bowl this huge. like the greens topped up with the sky blue.

  2. Is there still so wonderful sunny? Or you took this photo earlier?

  3. it still looks pretty green in Bath…does it snow in winter?

  4. To echo another comment: Your corner of England still looks pretty green. And will probably be that way right into winter. Mark me if I’m wrong.

    Hope you get down to Cornwall and the coast to see how balmy it can in January and February. Enough about the weather. The shots are great looking. Glad you are getting aloft into all those spaces we mortals gaze at while listening to some boring sermon.


  5. gasp! there’s a heathen in our midst! adrianer…..boring sermons? get thee to a nunnery!

    i care not if your posts are out of date, i enjoy them all!

    good day to you!

  6. Hey. I’d rather not see nothing but dreary winter shots during dreary winter months- you’d BETTER stick the occasional cheerful (outdated) photo in the middle of all that depression. I’m glad to see one now, and I’ll be even gladder after the skies start turning grey for weeks on end.

    This photo makes me remember why I miss living on campus.

  7. Hallo Jam.es!
    The central shrubs are natural moss…
    The water strengthens their roots and gives them this color so beautiful…
    A magic vision!
    Per times we are so busy that we closed the eyes to the beauty. But in a garden as this, until the most distracted are involved with the fresh beauty of the landscape…

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