061125.Bath, Hot Bath Squares

November 25, 2006 at 11:01 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, doorways, Light and Shadow, somerset, towns, Tuscan Order | 3 Comments

061125.07.Somset.Bath.JohnWoodJnr’s HotBath.1776-8 

Have been measuring the front portico of John Wood the Younger’s Hot Bath (1776-1778) all day today. Turns out the height from the top of the pediment down is equal to the total length of the pediment, with the columns standing at 2/3 this length. I picked public buildings because in case I have to recheck something during crunch time, at least my two doorcases, etc. are well lit. The entrance is now a blank door, since the structure is part of Grimshaw and Partners’ New Royal Bath complex (hence the glass door with condensation). More on these exciting measurement discoveries in a bit.

Photo appears to be distorted here.


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  1. Darned if I can remember – was it Congreve or Sheridan? Was it the Rivals? It’s all too long time ago I read them.

  2. […] I’m going to be very busy for the next few weeks so the posts are going to drop in quality. This window was directly opposite the Hot Baths (photo shown earlier and also the cover of the myDoorways page.) The people in this office kept staring at me for hours on end while I was measuring, and so it was a relief when they finally drew down their Venetian blinds. […]

  3. Hi

    I happened across your blog by accident when i was searching for classical details in Bath on google. I am building a spa near Newark Notts and I intend on copying John Woods Hot Bath pediment and columns for my spa. Did you say that you have taken dimensions and drawings? These could be very useful for me and perhaps we could come to some sort of arrangement for copies of the drawings?


    Kent Brainerd

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