061109.Bath, Parade Gardens and Pulteney Bridge

November 9, 2006 at 12:49 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bridges, cumulus clouds, Flowers, Gardens & Parks, Pulteney Bridge, river, River Avon, somerset, Trees | 13 Comments


Update: Dems win all, Rumsfeld resigns, and I’m stuck typing a paper.


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  1. love the greyness of the river the bridge and the heavy cloud (i am colourblind). what are you typing about?

  2. Fantastic landscape…
    A perfect conjugation among the old buildings, the flowers in the garden and the clouds in the sky…

    You are right in your comment. Thank you!

  3. Very dramatic! I love it.

  4. Wow…so beautiful!!!
    BTW, I’ve printed out my report. YEAH!!
    gan-ba-de ku-da-sai!(This is Japanese.It means GO!GO!)

  5. If Pod is colorblind, I’m full of mud wasp larvae.

    When did you take this? Impatiens should be dead by now.

  6. great framing – lovely!

    ooh, paper on rumsfelf, interesting

  7. Mud wasp larvae??

    Anyway, this is an awesome photo. Great sky, beautiful depth-of-field, nice colors and composition. It could be a postcard. Only better.

  8. Yeah, Steve, MUD WASP LARVAE.

    …sorry, is that offensive? Are you, in fact, filled with mud wasp larvae, and you do not look highly upon anyone who speaks lightly of your condition? I apologize.

  9. I find this photo wonderful. its a place which is worth to visit

  10. Beautiful shot!

  11. JC! show yourself!

  12. Great capture, the composition and the dramatic sky make it one of your better ones. Really nice!

    Curly’s Photoshop

  13. The bridge as the focal point and the flowers in the foreground are composed beautifully with the rest.

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