061021.Bradford, Lansdown Hill, Cemetery at Beckford’s Tower

October 21, 2006 at 10:36 PM | Posted in Bath, cemeteries - churchyards - and tombstones, countryside, Gardens & Parks, Ruins, somerset, Trees | 4 Comments

061021.162.Somset.Bath.Bradford.Landsdown Hill.Beckford’s Tower
Somerset Heritage Open Week started last night with fireworks from five different locations. I didn’t exactly catch any of them since they lasted only two minutes but I heard they were grand.

Beckford’s Tower was amazing. I’m first showing off some photos of the beautifully picturesque and ill-maintained cemetery on its grounds. I’m trying out a new format of having the small picture on top and the full size one clickable below .

Does anyone remember what completes “the worm’s crawl in, the worm’s crawl out…”? 061021.162.Somset.Bath.Bradford.Landsdown Hill.Beckford’s Tower




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  1. I love old cemeteries. Reading the epitaphs is interesting. This one has no feeling of creepiness whatever. I like that big tree in the back.

  2. ohh do you know how old are the graves in that cementery? very special place

  3. Did you ever think, when a hearse goes by,
    That you may be the next to die?

    They take you out to the family plot
    And there you wither, decay, and rot.

    They wrap you up in a bloody sheet
    And then they bury you six foot deep.

    And all goes well for a week or two
    But then things start to happen to you!

    The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
    The ants play pinochle on your snout.

    One of the worms that’s not too shy
    Crawls in one ear and out one eye.

    They’ll call their friends and their friends’ friends too-
    They’ll make a horrid mess of you!

    And then your blood turns yellow-green
    And oozes out like whipping cream
    (Darn, me without a spoon!)

    Your eyes fall in, your teeth fall out
    Your liver turns to sauerkraut.

    So never laugh when a hearse goes by,
    For you may be the next to die!

  4. this will sound weird..but the place looks wonderful!
    you captured it well!

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