061014.Nympsfield, Woodchester Mansion Second Floor

October 17, 2006 at 9:10 PM | Posted in Architecture, Conservation, countryside, Gloucestershire, Mansion, Nymsfield, Overcast, Vaults | 1 Comment

A fellow conservationist in the second (really 3rd) floor south wing cooridor windowsill sketching the structural failings brought about by a iron bolt (intended to hold a curtain rod) in the limestone. The metal rusted, expanded, and cracked the otherwise undamage interior stone.

The floor was intended for servants but it really was well-designed. There was little wood on the property but much stone and brick so all the structural aspects of the mansion were carried with stone and brick, sparing lumber as much as possible.

061013.313.Glos.Nympsfield.WoodchesterMansion.Second Floor.SCor

Below are the areas in question:


061013.311.Glos.Nympsfield.WoodchesterMansion.Second Floor.SCor

061013.312.Glos.Nympsfield.WoodchesterMansion.Second Floor.SCor


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    ~tanty~ said…

    I’ve been enjoying seeing your photos. They are great photos. Welcome to the DP family and greetings from Stavanger.

    2:59 PM
    Kris said…

    so you are a conservationist,then?

    I love how you’ve composed this photo, using the arch as frame 🙂

    3:08 PM

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