061012.Bathwick, William Street Gate to Recreation Grounds

October 17, 2006 at 9:02 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bathwick, Gardens & Parks, Overcast, somerset | 2 Comments

This is the William Street Gate to the Recreation Grounds, off of Great Pulteney Street. The Bathwick section of Bath is on the east bank of the River Avon, and although it is conncted to Claverton Down through Bathwick Hill Road, it primarily consists of one long street: Great Pulteney. The land was owned by the Pulteney Family, who built the Pulteney Bridge, Pulteney Street, and Great Pulteney Street and set an architectural scheme for the new Georgian neighborhood.

Unfortunately, it was constructed in the late 1780s and 1790s, right before the Napoleonic Wars began and therefore the economy could not support more than one grand avenue. The roads, crescents, and circuses planned to lead off of Great Pulteney Street were never built and the land left undeveloped. Today the north of Great Pulteney Street is Henrietta Park and the south is the Recreation Grounds.

I took this photo early in the morning when I wasn’t sure if it would storm or not.

060924.02..Somset.Bath.Recreation Ground. William St Entrance


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  1. I love dramatic, moody shots like this. This is quite beautiful.

  2. zannnie
    zannnie said…

    heavy clouds…but nice gate photo:D


    8:35 PM
    James R said…

    Thanks. I can’t quite figure out how to comment on your Singapore DP but you have very nice cloudless night shots.

    9:24 PM
    Kris said…

    the clouds created a dramatic photo! and the rolling hills behind the gate is simply marvellous!

    9:01 AM
    kaa said…

    welcome to DP family. Wondered if Bath was related to Jane Austen novels and i found my answer further down your blog. You’re not an austen fan.. ?
    Greetings from Vantaa, Finland

    8:30 PM

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